White Pine

I was visiting a client last week and noticed that her white pine, Pinus strobus, was dropping cones. I asked if I could have one—they smell wonderful—and took it back to my office and put it on my desk. Late in the week I noticed  a bunch of little winged seeds scattered under it. The cone looked a little fluffed up—like a chilly bird–it had dried out, the scales had popped open, and the seeds had dropped.

The pinecone still has a few seeds to shed; they are lodged within their scales towards the base of the cone, in the upper lefthand corner.
A white pine cone with seeds it has shed behind it and to the right. If you look carefully at the scales near the base, some seeds are still nestled within. Photographed on March 6, 2019.

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Meditations on Ice, Part 1

I realized as I went through my February photographs that not only am I a little behind on this blog, but February was a pretty icy month. At least it was pretty ice. Since very little else is happening in the garden, I decided to look at ice patterns.

At the beginning of the month, my car acquired winter camouflage, which melted away very quickly.

This freezing rain was wet enough to blob into the patterns you would find in a camouflage hunting outfit, but in white on white.
Warm freezing rain formed very interesting camouflage for my car. Photographed on February 6, 2019.

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