Of Snow and Alberta Clippers

They—the mysterious weather people “they”—predicted a weak La Niña this winter, which for this area means more precipitation and a chance that it would be a little colder than usual. I used the words “roller coaster” on November 25, and a roller coaster it is.

We had a balmy day and a hard freeze the night of November 9; the fig tree dropped all its leaves overnight, but the magnolia, pawpaws, and silver maple seemed to have their remaining leaves frozen in place. Then the temperature went back up again—it hit 64° on November 28.

The magnolia and pawpaws dropped their leaves slowly through November, but the silver maple held on. By December 12, we had our first snowfall, delivered by an Alberta clipper. It may be a winter of Alberta clippers. I’m glad I bought a new shovel last year.

Photo of rain garden showing leaves scattered over snow.
The rain garden with the first snowfall of the season and leaves stripped from the silver maple. Photographed December 12, 2017.

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