The First Pawpaws Are Ripe

Pawpaws are very odd trees. They look very tropical with their big leaves. The fruit have a wildly attractive scent, but are plain looking, very delicate, and highly variable in size. Fruit size varies with the number of seed set inside. The littlest pawpaw in the photograph below probably has a couple of seeds inside, while the biggest probably has a couple of dozen—and they are big seeds. Continue reading “The First Pawpaws Are Ripe”

The Rain Garden Hooked Up and In Action!

So what has been happening in this garden? August is a quiet month. The plants just wait for rain.

I have been stumped over connecting up the downspouts to the rain garden because of tree roots by the southern downspout, and some very ambitious nannyberries that I realized were in front of the northern downspout. Continue reading “The Rain Garden Hooked Up and In Action!”